Friends of the cemetery

After the start-up of the English Cemetery Foundation, and with the goal of helping it meet its objectives, the group “Friends of the English Cemetery” was created. This group is interested in collaborating permanently with the care of the cemetery through a regular economic contribution and with their knowledge or free time.

What are the advantages of being "Friend of the English Cemetery"?

The first thing to keep in mind is that when you collaborate with the English Cemetery Foundation you start to be part of the history of our cemetery, helping in a fundamental way to promote, stimulate and recover it.

This is why being “Friend of the English Cemetery” has its advantages with respect to the rest of the visitors:

  • Free admission to the monument during opening hours with the sole obligation to carry the member’s card in a visible place and show it at the entrance.
  • Discount for the entrance of your companions.
  • Call for the presentation of the annual report, which will be held at the end of June. In this meeting the partners are informed of the actions and projects for the next year. At the conclusion of the presentation, a small snack is usually made to which all the members are invited.
  • Free delivery every quarter of our newsletter, with all the information related to the Foundation.
  • Important discounts to attend cultural activities organized by the Foundation.
How to become "Friend of the English Cemetery"?

With your contribution, each Friend of the English Cemetery is actively helping to change things. If you are interested in being part of this community, here are the steps to follow:

Fill out our form: “Become a Friend”

Send it scanned and signed to our email:  or hand it to the office of the English Cemetery (Avenida de Pries 1).

Once the first donation has been made, you will receive your “Friend of the English Cemetery of Málaga” card at home.

What is the fee to be a member of the "Friends of the English Cemetery"?

For the English Cemetery Foundation of Malaga, any contribution is important to continue working for the maintenance of this wonderful monument of our city. However, to be considered “Friend of the English Cemetery” and have all its advantages, the minimum annual donation is twenty euros.

In addition to this, indicate that children whose both parents are members of the association are exempt from payment until they are 18 years old.

Once the first donation has been made, you will receive your “Friend of the English Cemetery of Málaga” card at home.

Donate 20 euros or more to become a Friend of the English Cemetery for a year
  1. Donations to the Foundation

    All donations are used for the maintenance and preservation of the cemetery.
    €22,00 donados