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Since the creation of the English Cemetery Foundation of Malaga, one of its founding objectives has been to regulate the use of the cemetery as a burial site so that the monument does not lose its essential function. In this way, one of the three strategic lines that the English Cemetery Foundation has marked in its Strategic Plan is “Funeral Services and Management”.

During more than 180 years of history, the English Cemetery has been a privileged place in which to walk, reflect, converse …. Over a thousand people of all kinds, origins and religious beliefs have found in this cemetery an open and tolerant corner of Europe where to put an end to lives full of stories and experiences around the world.

With the Strategic Plan of the Foundation, one of the key lines is to recover the celebration of funeral services in the cemetery with the aim of establishing ties not only with the foreign community but also with the city of Malaga itself.


Due to the particularities of the necropolis, the reactivation of the funeral activity in this space is conditioned by many factors.

Respecting the existing burials and enabling new spaces in a cemetery with a high occupation rate were the main challenges faced by the Foundation. In this new stage, the funerary services of the Foundation will be limited to the deposit of ashes.

Taking advantage of the completion of the construction of a retaining wall in which a vertical garden has been installed, the Foundation currently offers two ways to receive burial in the English Cemetery of Malaga.

  1. Columbarium on a wall: Integrated into the vertical garden, the Foundation offers the possibility of depositing the remains of your loved ones in this unique space of the cemetery.
  2. Columbarium on earth: Respecting the pre-existing styles, burials of this type can be made in the different terrace of the cemetery.

In this dossier all the information about our offer of funeral services is collected. Download it for free through this link.


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