Cementerio Inglés de Málaga - 7

William Mark’s purpose in creating the English Cemetery was to provide a peaceful and dignified burial site for British Subjects who died within his Consular jurisdiction. Shortly after its inauguration, it was opened to Protestants of all nationalities and in the 1950 this was extended to those of the|Roman Catholic or other faiths. During the 190 years of its existence over a thousand persons of all nationalities and faiths have chosen the English Cemetery in Malaga as their final resting place. The English Cemetery in Malaga Foundation strives to continue offering this service to the communities of the Costa del Sol within the constraints imposed by space and modern day funerary practices.


Given that the cemetery is registered as an asset of historic and cultural interest (Bien de Interes Cultural), the cemetery can only accept cremated remains.

The cemetery currently offers two alternatives for the deposit of ashes:

  1. Columbarium on a wall: Integrated into the vertical garden, the Foundation offers the possibility of depositing the remains of your loved ones in this unique space of the cemetery.
  2. Columbarium in the ground: Respecting the pre-existing styles, burials of this type can be made in different terrace of the cemetery where space permits.

Facilities are available for the Advance Purchase, including purchase by installments.

Columbarium on a wall

Columbarium in the ground


Lease of a columbarium in the wall (25 years) · 995.00 €

Lease of a columbarium in the wall (50 years) · 1895.00 €

Lease of a columbarium in the wall (75 years) · 2795.00 €


Lease of a columbarium in the ground (25 years) · 895.00 €

Lease of a columbarium in the ground (50 years) · 1795.00 €

Lease of a columbarium in the ground (75 years) · 2595.00 €


Prices do not include taxes or general services costs, details of which will be provide upon application. Further information regarding types and designs of columbarium’s, cemetery regulations etc. are available on application.           


Are you interested in acquiring any of our Burial Units? If so, contact us through our web form from Monday to Friday so that we can respond directly.