Noche en Blanco at English Cemetery in Malaga

Saturday 20th May marks the 14th edition of the Noche en Blanco and, of course, the English Cemetery in Malaga will once again be joining this cultural festival.

The theme of this edition is “The Good Life” and, if it is true that there is life after death, we hope that it is at least as good as this one.

The English Cemetery, a Cultural Asset and one of the most charming and historic places in our city, knows a lot about the good life – after death.

In this incomparable setting, the English Cemetery Foundation will offer its visitors at 09.00pm a concert with the “Banda del Inglés“, a jazz combo that will leave neither the living… nor the dead indifferent.

In addition, from 19.00h until 00.00h the entrance to the cemetery will be free of charge (until full capacity is reached).